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Gel wax Melts
  • Gel wax Melts



    Gel Wax Melts are a great alternative to traditional wax melts.


    A significant advantage of gel wax is its extended burn time; it often lasts twice as long as traditional soy or paraffin wax melts.


    A single 10g pot can last up to 14 hours, making it both long-lasting and excellent value.


    The best part about gel wax has to be the cleanup; once the scent fades, the cooled gel satisfyingly peels away from your burner, leaving zero mess or residue.


    For best results, we recommend using a tealight burner rather than an electric warmer. Gel wax requires higher temperatures for melting, which most electric warmers cannot reach.


    10g pot

    Ready to peel out and put in your burner!

    Each 10g pot can last upto 14 hours.



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